Cheops Pyramid lock mechanism.

This blog is dedicated to a theory about a lock-mechanism inside the Cheops Pyramid I've had been working on for some time.
I've posted some pictures of the Kings chamber that I have modeled in a 3D programme - It is a fairly accurate measured setup from some reference pictures from the net.

Basically it shows a lock-mechanism inside the kings chamber, a block that could be opened from the inside with the help from some ropes pulled from the outside. The same mechanism could be applied in the Queens chamber, but the chamber was never used, and therefore sealed up.

I will later explain the observations i made through the theory processes I've made.

The Cheops pyramid as we all seen illustrated so many times.
The red square indicates the kings chamber.
(This picture is made by Stefan Eggers.)
Closeup picture of the kings chamber. You can see the so called 'Airshafts' leading out of the chamber.
(Pictures origin is unknown to me)

This picture shows that both Northerns Shafts in the 'Kings chamber' and 'Queens chamber' , is build around the Grand Gallery.

By moving the shafts just a couple of meters toward Khufu's sarkophagos they could have awoided that extra work time. But doing it the hard way around; Not once, but twice! - the placing of the holes must have been of great importants to the Egyptain builders.

And why are the lower sections of the shafts 'rounded'?
Could it have been done to stress release the rope, so no sharp edges could cut the rope? (explained later in this blog.)
Again - a lot of construction time went into this, and must have been of great importants as well.

Khufu's sarkophagos. The room is made in red granite.

This is the entrance to the Kings Chamber from the Grand Gallery, to
the left of the entrance you can see the northern 'airshaft'.

My theory is - The entrance had a lock-mechanism, a simple 'key' stone that could block the entrance.

Here lies the 'key-stone' in its place, locking the entrance.

Heres a rope that goes through the Northern 'Airshaft'

My idea is, that a rope could have run across the chamber and pass through both 'Airshafts' to the outside of the pyramid.

The rope is attached to a wooden log, and is working like a hub shaft. Another rope is attached to the keystone from the wooden hub shaft aswell.

A casing is build around the hub shaft. The design of this casing is probably not accurate, but it could look something like this. Primaly it is just meant to stabilize the hub shaft.

By pulling the rope from the south shaft, the stone is moved back into the room, opening the entrance.